How to  replace softening resin In a water softener
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Replacing resin In a water softener
The basic components of a water softener tank

To replace resin in most water softeners

  1. Turn off water
  2. Disconnect plumbing
  3. Unscrew control head
  4. Lay softener tank on side, or over trash can
  5. Insert garden hose
  6. Allow water to rinse the old  resin out.
  7. Discard old resin
  8. Save old gravel
  9. Stand tank upright
  10. Place tape over the opening in the product tube
  11. Refill gravel so it covers screen completely
  12. Pour in new resin until tank is a little over 1/2 full. (see calculator)
  13. Remove tape on product tube
  14. Re-attach control head
  15. Re-connect plumbing
  16. Turn on water
  17. Put system in manual regeneration
  18. Test product waster for softness

Do you need gravel in your water softener?

The rule of thumb is that if the softener tank is less than 12 inches, you do not need gravel. If it is bigger you will need gravel.

  • When to change resin in a softener
  • Which resin do you need?
  • How much resin do you need?

  • 8% Standard Cation Resin (for 99% of softeners)
  • See all Softener Resins

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    How to  replace softening resin In a water softener
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    How to  replace softening resin In a water softener

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    How to replace softening resin In a water softener