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Catalog # Product Name Selling Price
7212-2079-00A HTRMT15 1277W 115V $485.10
7212-2109-00A HTRMT15 5616W 115V $1,559.18
7212-2134-00C VEST 2"OD 1-1/16"B $159.74
7212-2135-00A VEST 4-1/2"OD 1-1/8"B $136.22
7212-2135-00B VEST 4-1/2"OD 1-5/8"B $152.88
7212-2135-00D VEST 4-1/2"OD 2-5/8"B KB $229.32
7212-2135-00E VEST 4-1/2"OD 3-1/8"B $199.92
7212-2181-00A VEST 7-1/2"OD 4-1/8"B $200.90
7212-2181-00B VEST 7-1/2"OD 5-3/16"B $197.96
7212-2181-00C VEST 7-1/2"OD 6-3/16"B KB $202.86
7212-2181-00D VEST 7-1/2"OD BLANK BORE $239.12
7212-2181-00E VEST 7-1/2"OD 3-1/8"B KB $152.88
7214-1417-001 ELEMENTSIC 1/2DX5X16" $243.04
7214-1417-014 ELEMENTSIC 3/4DX12X27" $351.82
7214-1439-00A S PLUG&LEAD ASYTC PLII 10'SERV $141.12
7214-1439-00B S PLUG&LEAD ASYTC RS 10'SERVIC $120.54
7214-1439-00F S PLUG&LEAD ASYTC B 10'SERVICE $112.70
7214-1966-00A HTRMT 400W 120V 55035 TUBE FC $345.94
7214-2013-00A BLOCK ASYTERM 4-STUD #10-32 $95.45
7214-2051-00A S HEAD ASYSGL TYPE SER $52.63
7214-2112-001 BLOCKTERM PORCTUBE FCE KB $13.33
7214-4360-00A INNER FCE HALFMINI-MITE $859.46
7214-4774-00A INNER FCE ASY MINIMITE HALF $445.90
7215-2049-00F PLUG ASYCHAMBER $165.62
7215-2218-00B PLATEHEARTH 56622 $98.98

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