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Catalog # Product Name Selling Price
M60-0001-03 DC SOLENOID $93.79
M60-0002-03 MICROSWTCH125V 5A/5A 250V $31.85
M60-0005-01 HEATERTUBULAR 115V $178.36
M60-0006-01 THERMAL CUTOFF G4AP02000 $55.37
M60-0007-01 SENSOR #5125516HONEYWELL PEE $70.76
M60-0008-01 COMPRSR115VDANFOSS FR7.5S $789.88
M60-0008-08 COND UNIT 230V/50HZ VEN# UJ21 $1,476.86
M60-0011-01 SILENCER 1/4 BLK BASE $55.27
M60-0011-03 SILENCER 1/4 RED BASE $59.98
M60-0014-02 FAN MOTOR (230V) $226.38
M60-0015-01 TUBULAR HEATER 120V $306.74
M60-0015-02 TUBULAR HEATER 240V $308.70
M60-0044-01 HOSE FIT STRAIGHT 1/2 HOS $18.03
M60-0044-04 H/F ELBOW 1/2HIX1/4NPT WHT PO $19.31
M60-0044-06 HOSE FIT ELBOW 3/8NPTX1/ $18.72
M60-0044-08 'WHT.POLYPRO "T" FITTING $18.23
M60-0044-11 H/F ELBOW 1/2HIX1/2HI WHT POL $18.03
M60-0044-14 H/F STRAIGHT 1/2HIX1/2HI $18.13
M60-0044-24 HOSE FITTING REDUCER $18.03
M60-0044-28 H/F ELBOW 3/8HIX1/4NPT WHT PO $18.03
M60-0044-29 REDUCER 5/8 ID X 1/2 HOSE $6.96
M60-0044-31 HOSE FITTING REDUCER $17.44
M80-0002-01 ORING 3.375x3.625x1/8 BN $14.60
M80-0002-02 ORING 3.625x3.875x1/8 BN $14.60
M80-0002-03 ORING 4.250x4.500x1/8 BN $14.21

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