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Water As A Transport Mechanism

Winding through the Grand Canyon the Colorado River carries thousands of tons of sediment from bank erosion and the bottom on a daily basis. The deltas at the mouth of all rivers are great testimony to the power of water moving through a channel. Nature has a great way of using water courses to carry entrained solids and sediment from point to point. Slurries would be the first such application of this method of transport of metal ores as discovered by Agricola the 16th century scholar who is often cited as the father of metallurgy.

Many modern applications involve short haul movement of such items like wood pulp and cranberries. Using water to move items from one processing point to another. Often pulverized coal is moved this way over hundreds of miles. based on the buoyancy of water this method of moving metal ores and coal has proven to be economical and efficient. In these application the water need only to be free of algae and bacteria so that slime does not form in the piping or the valves at the delivery point. Entrained solids are removed by using mechanical filtration then dried and stored in silos or bins. The used water is then piped into nearby streams and rivers.

Primer : Water Use In Industry

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