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Island Trees High School
and other pictures of Levittown New York

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Levittown, New York 1957
Photo Credit: Joe Scherschel, LIFE © Time Inc.

1965 Gallow Grammar School
Mrs. Korb
1st. grade class

1964 Gallow Grammar School
Mrs. Kantorovsky
Kindergarten Class

1966 Gallow Grammar School
Mrs. Brown
2nd grade Class

The 1972 Sequoian--Controversial Year Book Cover
Pay special attention to the tails.

1947 Newsday Newspaper

1968 Levittown Little League
Bella Pizza Team

Island Trees High School
Levittown, New York

The East Village Green Pool
Levittown N.Y.

M.F. Stokes 1961
Levittown, New York