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Water Softener Selection Calculator

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This form has been prefilled with the average values for the USA.
Adjust the numbers as needed to get helpful information
People in your building
Bathrooms with showers/tubs used at the same time in your building
Shower Head Flow Rate (g.p.m.)
use 2.5 for low flow heads or 5 for high flow heads
Water Hardness (g.p.g.)
if you dont know enter 10 which, is the average for the USA
Iron Level (p.p.m.)
if you dont know enter 0 if you do not have toilet staining, enter 1 if you do.
Water Used Per Person Per Day
The average is 80 for adults. Enter 100-125 if you have teenagers.

About Your Water
Gallons of soft water consumed per day
People * Gallons per person or (4 * 80)
Grains used per day
Gallons * Water Hardness or (320 * 10)
Peak Flow Rate (g.p.m.)
Bathrooms * Shower Flow Rate + 2 g.p.m. for other items or (2 * 2.5 + 2)
Ft3 of resin needed for peak flow rate
Peak Flow / 7 g.p.m. per Ft3 or (7 / 7)
Water Softener Grain Capacity Needed Based on Peak Flow Rate 30000
Water Softener Grains Needed based on usage per week
Using Low Salt Dosage - Using High Salt Dosage

What size water softener do you need?

For residential and other drinking water application we usually recommend that a water softener be regenerated about once per week. During regenerations high concentrations of sodium chloride help to sanitize and clean the resin bed. If you have iron in the water, a resin cleaner added to the sodium cloride will aid in reducing fouling and will help the resin last much longer.

With most water softeners you will have a choice of salt setttings. We usually recommend that residential softeners be regenerated at an 8 lb. per ft3 low salt setting. The following information is based on these parameters.

More info about low salt settings.

Here is the specific information about the water softener you need

When we look at the data entered above, we see that your peak flow rate of 7 g.p.m. and your capacity needs of 28000 would both require a water softener of at least 32000 grains. This make things a lot simpler.

Water Softeners are available in the following sizes :
15000, 24000, 32000, 40000, 48000, 64000, 80000 and 110000 rated grain removal capacity.

We have calculated your needs as 28000 grains based on usage and 30000 grains for flow rate. We will make the following calculations and recomendations based on the avalable sizes of 32000 (1.1 Ft3) grains based on usage and 32000 (1.1 Ft3) grains for flow rate.

Considering these facts, the 32000 grain softener we are recommending would regenerate about every 8 days.

If you select a water softener with less then a 30000 grain rated capacity, you could start to experience problems with hardness breakthrough, pressure drop and/or unstable water temperature in the shower.

You can always choose a smaller softener if you can lower your usage. It is amazing how much water simple tasks around the house can take. Click here for a list of ways you can reduce your water from this EPA article.

Generic Softener Specifications
For FlowFor Capacity
Rated Capacity 32000 32000
Actual Capacity 24000 24000
Days Between Regenerations 8 8
Max Forward Flow Rate (g.p.m.) 7.5 7.5
Backwash Rate (g.p.m.) 2.1 2.1
Salt Used Per Regenerqaation (8 lbs. / ft3) 8.5 8.5
Pounds of salt used per year 389
Gallons of water produced per regeneration 3200 3200
Gallons of soft water used per year 116480 116480

Recommended Water Softeners based on the data you submited above
We recommend that you use a 32K grain or larger capacity water softener
Below is a list of the water softeners we have listed online. We have many others not listed.
If you can not find what you need, please let us know.

Fleck 5600 Timer Based Water Softeners
List other sizes of this system

56/16T-32-C500 Fleck 5600 Time Based 32K Grain Water Softener System
32k grain removal with Fleck 5600/16T Time based regeneration controller
Assembly instructions

Fleck 5600 Meter Based Water Softeners - Best Choice For Most Homes
List other sizes of this system

56/16M-32-C500 Fleck 5600 Water Softener System
32k grain removal with Fleck 5600/16T Meter based regeneration controller
Assembly instructions

Fleck 2510 Timer Based Water Softeners
List other sizes of this system

No softeners are currently listed of this type meet your needs.
We have many softeners not listed here, please call and we can match you with the perfect softening system
Fleck 2510 Meter Based Water Softeners
List other sizes of this system

2510/16M-32-C500 Fleck 2510 Water Softener System
32k grain removal with Fleck 2510/16T Meter based regeneration controller
Assembly instructions
2510 Spec Sheet
2510 Service Manual
SE Controller Spec Sheet and Information

Fleck 9000 Twin Meter Based Commercial Water Softeners
List other sizes of this system

90/16M-32-C500 Fleck 9000 Twin Tank Water Softener System
32k Grain System
Assembly instructions

This calcluator is offered without any warranty, This calculator offers rough estimates and opinions based on decades of experience. Since water quality differs day to day and year to year your actual results may vary significantly.
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