My water softener does not use salt What is wrong
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My water softener does not use salt What is wrong

My water softener runs, but does not use salt. The salt level hasn't changed in about 2 months. What would cause this?

1. You could have a salt bridge where salt forms a cavern and looks full but it is hollow.

Poke around in the salt tank with a broom stick to make sure that isnt it.

2. Remove the tube that goes to the brine tank, manually step the softener through all the cycles. At some point that tube will have suction on it. If it doesnt, then your head has a problem.

If it has suction but still doesnt draw salt, then maybe it is the timer not moving or engaging.

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My water softener does not use salt What is wrong
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My water softener does not use salt What is wrong
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