All About Manganese Greensand
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All About Manganese Greensand

Manganese greensand is capable of removing up to 15 gpm of iron and manganese, 5 ppm of hydrogen sulfide. Ph must be between 6.2 and 8.8. Must be regenerated with potassium permanganate.

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Capacity/Cu. Ft.

Iron Alone--550 gr. (10.000 gal. Of water conditioning 1 ppm iron/cu. Ft.

Iron and Manganese--400 gr. (7,000 gal of water containing 1/2 ppm iron and 1/2 ppm manganese/ cu. Ft.

Hydrogen Sulfide - 175 gr. (3,000 gal. Of water containing 1 ppm hydrogen sulfide, cu. Ft


Iron removal over wide pH range

Effective removal of hydrogen sulfide in addition to iron and/or manganese

No harmful effects from chlorine feed

Low attention loss for long bed life

Physical Properties

Color - Black

Density -85 lbs./cu. Ft.

Effective Size -0.30 - 0.35 mm

Uniformity Coefficient - 1.6

Mesh Size - 16 - 60

Attrition Loss Per year - 2%

Conditions for operation

Raw Water pH - 6.2 - 8.8

Bed Depth - 30 in.

Freeboard - 35 - 50%

Service Flow Rate - 8-12 gpm. Sq. ft., 8-10 gpm/sq. ft. intermittent flow possible

Backwash Flow Rate - 8-12 gpm. Sq. ft.

Maximum Temperature Raw Water - 80of, - 26.7 oC

Maximum Practical Limit of Iron (Fe __ or Manganese (Mn __ In Raw Water - 15 ppm.

Maximum Practical Limit of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S - 5 ppm.

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All About Manganese Greensand
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All About Manganese Greensand
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