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Barnstead Cabinetized Water Purification Distillers

Barnstead Cabinetized Water Purification Distillers   Save space and installation time with a Thermo Scienitific™ Barnstead™ Cabinetized Still, an all-in-one water distillation solution. This solution includes a still and an appropriately matched tin-coated storage tank in a compact storage cabinet. Systems are fully automatic and designed for point-of-use installation. Produce water pure enough for biological and biochemical procedures that are sensitive to even minute traces of contamination.

Stills purify water by boiling pretreated water and then condenses the steam into purified water. Water purified with a still is generally bacteria and pyrogen free with a chemical purity of .1 to 10 p.p.m. depending on how long it is stored.

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    Discontinued Items - Filters, Operation Manuals and Parts may still be available.
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    A1065-B - Barnstead Cabinetized Laboratory Distiller
    A1065-C - Barnstead Cabinetized Laboratory Distiller
    A1065-D - Barnstead Stand Set Model 210 - A1065-D
    A1085-B - Barnstead Cabinetized Laboratory Distiller
    A1085-C - Barnstead Cabinetized Laboratory Distiller
    A1085-D - Barnstead Cabinetized Laboratory Distiller
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