QP01F1 HP-PACK 1 Kit

QP01F1 HP-PACK 1 Kit
For Reverse Osmosis / Distilled feed water. Comparable to Millipore Q-Pak Kit CPMQK05R1. Includes Pack and 0.22 Micron Filter.
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Made In USA.


This high quality filter pack is specially designed for Millipores water purification systems that are being fed with deionized water. (this type of pretreated water may have have high levels of organic and particulate contamination so the pack is designed with this in mind. High Purity Filter Pack with 0.22 micron filte. For Reverse Osmosis or distilled fed Millipores Compact Milli-Q and AFS systems.

The HP-PACK will produce 18.2 megohm Type 1 water, reduces total organic contamination levels makes this filter pack suitable for critical applications such as HPLC, Cell Culture and semi conductors applications.

Materials of contruction :

Heat Fused Polypropelyne, Activated carbon, Ion Exchange resin and special organic scavenger media.


Flow Rate : 2 l.p.m.
Capacity : 800 Grain Removal
Excpected Change out : ever 3-6 months depending on feed quality and type of applications you are using the water for.
Shelf Life : 1 year (refrigerated

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