42150 Commercial - Laboratory Water Distiller

42150 Commercial - Laboratory Water Distiller
Automatic Distiller - 42 gal./day with 150 gallon storage tank. Ships Via Truck Freight Only. We will quote extra costs upon request.
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Bottled and Distilled
Myths and facts about distilled drinking water
About Distilled Water

Distillation is the single most effective method for producing purified water. The distiller can remove a greater range of pollutants to a higher degree than any other single apparatus. No process, natural or artificial, including filtration, deionization and reverse osmosis is so efficient.

For these reasons, distillation has long been recognized as a standard for purity and dependability. Most liquid prescription medicines are blended with distilled water to avoid problems with the inconsistent quality of water. Many doctors prescribe distilled water for their patients to drink, especially those on sodium or salt restriced diets.

Distillation normally removes 99.99% of the dissolved minerals in water. Carry-over is primarily a concern with volatile organic chemical contaminants. Filtering the distilled water through a carbon filter removes these contaminants. An activated post carbon filter is recommended for this purpose.

Most people know that water is an unreliable source of minerals. Furthermore, they are inorganic minerals that the body has difficulty absorbing. Mineral sources come from food we eat, not the water we drink. These mineral sources are organic and readily assimilated by the body for good health.

A distiller is most desirable for producting point-of-use drinking water for you than any other method of purification. They are durable, dependable and require a minimum of maintenance for continuous operation. With basic care, THEY WILL CONSISTENTLY PRODUCE HIGH QUALITY WATER for the life of the appliance and the quality WILL NOT DECLINE with use.


How Your Commercial Works:
In the distillation process, water in the boiling tank comes to a boil, creating steam.

The steam rises, leaving behind bacteria killed in the boiling process, as well as chemicals, heavy minerals and pollutants found in the water source.

The steam moves past a volatile gas vent, into the condenser coils where it is cooled by air and condenses to become pure distilled water.

Automatic Distiller - 42 gal./day
with 150 gallon storage tank

Height 17 inches
Width 23 inches
Depth 18 inches
Shipping Weight 36 lbs.
Produces 42 gallons(approximately 160 liters) every 24 hours.

Storage Tank

Holds 80 gallons
Height 52 inches
Diameter 23 inches
Overall Height 70 inches

Proven design with FLOAT CONTROL feature
316 alloy evaporator
Incoloy (stainless steel) heating element
Connects to water line for continuous automatic operation
Volatile gas vent system
Stainless steel support frame with casters
Built-in connection for adding remote faucet system to provide distilled water throughout the house

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