50132395 Barnstead LabTower EDI 15

50132395 Barnstead LabTower EDI 15
Thermo / Barnstead Brand Product
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The LabTower EDI pure water system is a reaction to the continually increasing requirements

that water of ultrapure quality must fulfil, the increasingly strict demands resulting from technological advances and the need for user-friendly systems and complete solutions.

LabTower EDI systems have been solely and specifically designed to excel in the intended use, which is to produce sterile filtered pure water free of particles, salts and organic compounds. To benefit from the long possible service lives of the high-quality purification media, feed the pure water system with water which has been subjected to an upstream pre-treatment step(reverse osmosis, ion exchange or distillation),

- Analytical techniques in laboratories:
- HPLC ( High Performance Liquid Chromatography )
- IC ( Ion Chromatography )
- ICP ( Inductive Coupled Argon Plasma )
- AAS ( Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry )
- TOC Analysis ( Total Organic Carbon )
- DNA Research
- etc.
- Reagent and solution preparation:
- Cell culture media
- Tissue culture media
- Make-up water for reagents for on-line analytical systems
- Water for high-purity rinse processes on a laboratory scale

Resistivity Type 1: 18.2MΩ·cm at 25°C; Type 2: 10 to 15MΩ·cm at 25°C

Conductivity - Type 1 : 0.055µS/cm; Type 2: 0.067 to 0.1µS/cm

Feedwater Source tap Flow Rate : 1.5L/min.

Total Organic Carbon : 1 to 5ppb

Bacterial Content : <0.01 CFU/mL

Particles >0.2µM/mL : <1

TOC Monitor with UV Intensity Monitoring : No

Feed Water Monitoring : Yes

Feedwater Connector : 3/4 in. NPT

Feedwater Pressure : 1-6 Bar

Height (Metric) : 1500mm Width (Metric) 450mm

Net Weight (Metric) : 58kg

Operating Pressure : 2 to 6 bar

Voltage : 90 to 240V Hertz 50/60Hz

Bacterial retention : 99% Depth (Metric) 580mm

Permeate performance : 15L/hr. at 15°C

Power Consumption : 0.25kW

Electrical Requirements : 90 to 240V 50/60Hz -

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