N-RO75D1 Quick Twist Reverse Osmosis System

N-RO75D1 Quick Twist Reverse Osmosis System
This line fed system is designed to provide up to 75 gallons per 24 hours of reverse osmosis quality water. Complete system with filters.

Operating Manual
Replacement filters
Optional Quality Monitor
Designer Faucets
Add more storage
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This is a very easy to maintain system. To change the filters, a simple 1/4 turn is all you need. There are no filter housings to deal with which makes it much easier to change your filters. 

This reverse osmosis system is used to purify water for laboratory water system Pretreatment, drinking water, aquarium, incubator and humidifyer applications.

Reverse osmosis membranes can remove up to 90%-99.9% of most contaminents. Reverse osmosis must be protected from over concnentration of the waste stream, Chlorine (which will eat away at the pores. and particlutates that can plug the membrane up.



This complete System comes with the following :

1 ea. 4 housing system with bracket
2 ea. TWIST-CARBON Carbon Filters - Removes chlorine and protects TFC membranes
1 ea. TWIST-PREFILTER - 5 micron particulate filter.
1 ea. TWIST-MEMBRANE - 75 GPD T.F.C. Reverse Osmosis Membrane
1 ea. 2 gallon capacity storage/delivery bladder


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