D4631 Barnstead E-PURE 3-Module System 120V

D4631 Barnstead E-PURE 3-Module System 120V
This 3 housing system is designed to provide up to 3 l.p.m. of high purity water.
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This unit produced C.A.P. or NCCLS Type I quality water or better. The E-pure systems produce up to (3L/min. of Ionic, organic and bacteria free water. Virgin polypropylene water pathways prevent recontamination. One-quarter turn quick release filter housings allow for easy cartridge replacement. Positive O-ring seal on head-to-canister connection. Flat-bottom canisters stand on benchtop during cartridge servicing.

Includes solid-state digital purity meter that displays output water resistance from 0.01 to 18.3 megohm-cm with automatic temperature compensation to 25°C (77°F.

High gear ratio recirculation pump supplies ultrapure water without long rinseup, plus quiet operation.

Inlet temperature range, 4° to 49°C (39° to 120°F.

These systems can run on tap water but it is remended that you pretreat them with either reverse osmosis or deionized water.

Both models have maximum flowrate of 3 qt./min. (3.0L/min.,
1/4 NPTF inlet connection,
built-in pressure regulator;
operate on 120V 50/60Hz.
digital meter,
6 ft. (1.8m of 1/4 in. O.D. flexible tubing for inlet and recirculation connections. Optional Organicfree* cartridge (Cat. No. 09-034-175K lets you use E-pure systems for HPLC and other critical applications.

Can be used with optional remote dispenser accessory.

Note:Filter cartridges and final filter are not included.

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