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Park International Water Softeners and Equipment

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Park International Manufactures Fiberglass Tanks ONLY and not water softeners.

Replacement Tanks can be found here

Park International Manufactures Fiberglass Tanks ONLY

We get many requests from people who are looking for information on Park or Park International Water Softeners or other types of Park International equipment.

There is no such brand of softeners or equipment.

Park International manufactures just the fiberglass tank that is part of a complete water softener system.

  • Water Softener Diagram

    A water softener consists of several parts from different manufacturers. What really differentiates a water softener is the size of the resin tank and the type of control head.

    We do offer Park International tanks along with the control heads, brine tanks, riser tubes and screens and resin needed to refurbish water softeners.

    How to determine which water softener you have :

    1. Find the control head for the softener or device you have

    If you are looking for a manual, water softener manuals usually are for the control head. If we have the manual it will be listed with the particular control head.

    You can also send us a digital picture and we can help match it up.

  • Go to control heads

    2. Determine what size tank you have. This will help you know the capacity of the softener so that you can set is up correctly. Find the softer tank, usually the control head is screwed into it.

    Measure the height and width of the tank and go to our cylinder calculator, enter the info and it will tell you the capacity for various deviced that would use that tank.

  • Cylinder Calculator

    If your filter system is a water softener, to set it up you need to know how many days to set the timer, or if is a demand (metered) softener you need to know how many gallons it will last. This calculator will give you those answers.

  • Water Softener Salt and Capacity Calculator

    3. Now that you know which control head you have and the capacity of the softener, you can use our water softener calculator to find out more into that is needed to help you set it up correctly.

  • Water Softener Calculator

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