How much water softener or filtration media do you need?
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9"w X 42"h

Mineral Tank

How much filter media do you need?

If you need to figure out how much filtration media you need to fill a water system device or filter cartridge you can doit simply here.

Filter cartridges and exchange tanks are generally filled completely.

Automatic regenerating systems like water softeners and auto carbon systems need space to expand during backwashing. You will not want to fill these cylinders to the top.

Enter the dimensions of the cylinder in inches and we will calculate how much resin you will need and will also include other information you might need.

Width : inches
Height : inches

The chart below will show how much media you will need based on the type of media and device you are using.

Full Cylinder Volume : 1.55 cubic feet (Ft3)

Systems like water softeners that automatically backwash are never filled to the full cylinder volume.

Water Softeners and Backwashing Carbon Systems need room for the media to expand during back washing.

Water Filtration Devices

DeviceType Of MediaQuanity of Media (Ft3)
Standard Water Softener
(60% full)
Buy Cation Resin
0.93 Ft3
27,818 Grains
Fine Mesh Water Softener
(60% full)
Buy Fine Mesh Resin 0.93 Ft3
46,364 Grains
Activated Carbon Systems
(60%-70% Full)
Buy Activated Carbon 0.9-1.08 Ft3
Flow Rate
4.5 Ft3-5.5 G.P.M.
Mixed Bed Deionizer Exchange Tanks
(100% Full)
Buy Mixed Bed Resin 1.5 Ft3
15,455 Grains
(35%-50% Full)
Buy Birm Filter Media 0.8 Ft3-1.00 Ft3
Manganese Greensand
(35%-50% Full)
Buy Greensand Media 0.8 Ft3-1.00 Ft3
Filter Ag.
(35%-50% Full)
Buy Filter Ag. Media 0.8 Ft3-1.00 Ft3
(65% Full)
Buy Calcite Media 1.0 Ft3
(65% Full)
Buy Corosex/FlowMag 1.0 Ft3
(70%-85% Full)
Buy Pyrolox Media 1.3 Ft3-1.3 Ft3
(85%-90% Full)
Buy KDF Media 1.3 Ft3-1.4 Ft3
(50%-70% Full)
Buy Chemsorb Media 0.8 Ft3-1.1 Ft3
(60%-80% Full)
Buy MTM Media 0.9 Ft3-1.2 Ft3

Ft3 = Cubic Feet

MediaPounds Ft 3Service Rate GPM/Sq. Ft.Backwash Rate GPM/Sq. Ft.Bed Depth InchesBed Expansion %
BIRM (Regular)503.5 to 510 to 1230 to 3635 to 50
Mang. Greensand8558 to 123035 to 50
Carbon3558 to 1026 to 3030 to 40
Filter Ag.2558 to 1024 to 3635 to 50
Calcite100 3 to 68 to 1224 to 3035
Corosex1005 to 68 to 1224 to 3035
Resin (reg)5020 to 303 to 824 to 3060
Resin (fine mesh)5015 to 202.5 to 420 to 3060
Pyrolox125525 to 30X15 to 30
KDF171153010+10 to 15
ChemSorb5515 to 2018 to 20X30 to 50
MTM4558 to 1024 to 3620 to 40

Tank Diameter InchesTank Diameter Square Ft. Bed AreaCu. Ft. Per Inch of HeightBackwash Rate In G.P.M. Per Square Foot Of Bed Area At
5 gpm8 gpm10 gpm15 gpm
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