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What is Sublimation Of Water

One phase of water succeeds another at atmospheric pressure. However this does not necessarily hold true when in reduced pressure. A good example would be dehydrated foods, strawberries and fruit used in cereal and snacks, cubes of beef and chicken for soups, crystals for tea and coffee just to name a few. Foods like this and others are quick frozen and placed in evacuation chambers. By using a combination of low temperatures and reduced pressure the frozen water in the foods changes directly to a gaseous state and is evacuated from the chamber creating dehydrated food products. When water goes from the solid state to gas, without going through the liquid phase it is called sublimation.

This has become a typical processing technique in the food industry due to the fact that it requires less energy that previous methods of dehydrating foods. This is because it reduces the physical deterioration of food that occurs under prolonged and excessive heating, it decreases the loss of aromatic compounds that are responsible for flavor and odor of foods.

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