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Short filter life on Barnstead E-Pure Lab Water Systems

Date : 7/27/2018
From : Jorge


Hey Amy We have a Barnstead E-Pure system We set it up with a brand new set of filters D0385 D0803 and D05027 after 20 days the resistivity readings were 5 to 6 megohm/cm when we used it and got up to 16 megohm/cm again for few minutes and go down again We decided to change new filters again and It was find for another 15 days and again it started doing the same At this point I dont think they are the filters and also the resistivity meter we bought a brand new one a month ago Could you please help up to figure out what is going on Thank you so much


If it went to 16-18 megohm when new then your filters are exhausting from poor feed quality. The system needs to be pretreated with either Reverse Osmosis, Distillation or Deionization to run economically.

If the resistivity goes up as you draw water off, that tells us the system is not recirculating. You could have a bad pump or return check valve.

If it starts high and drops low while drawing off water, it is the filters being used up and in you case it would have to be from poor feed water quality.

If you call us we would be happy to talk you through your problem.

If you need filters you can find them here :

If you need pretreatment, you can find that here :

If you need a new E-Pure or need the manual look here :

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