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Filters for Big Blue housings. How to check water filter health.

Date : 1/31/2019
From : Paul


Im researching the Big Blue Clear 10 filter cartridges I purchased a whole house water system about a year ago and the company I bought it from is no longer around I think I have a Pentek Big Blue Housing and since it is clear I can see the cartridge probably needs replacing The design of the current cartridgefilter in the housing looks like it is made of wound yarn best way I can describe it It doesnt look like any of the cartridges on your website I have downloaded the drinking water quality report for our subdivision but Im not sure how to interpret that information to purchase the correct filter I also know when I originally researched the entire system there were people who said we have a lot of IRON in our water Just curious if you could direct me towards the proper filter Thanks


You can use this filter. It has a much higher dirt holding capacity.

If your system was installed correctly, it should have a pre and post pressure gauge. The normal way to determine health of the filter is to look at the pressure drop across the gauges with a given amount of water running.

Open the kitchen and bath faucet when you install the filter new and note the pressure difference between the two gauges. Then when you want to check the health of the filter, open the same faucets the same amount and look at the reading. When it changes more than 10 p.s.i. from the original difference, it is time to change the filter. If the differential goes down over time, then the filter is open and needs to be replaced.

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